How to Wear Heels Casually - 5 Tips for A Killer Everyday Look

I stopped buying heels when I noticed that they just gather dust in my wardrobe. This should not be. I love high heels. But wearing ballerinas or a nice pair of leather walking shoes is just so easy and comfortable.
So how do we fix this? High heels from stilettos to platforms have a place in our daily dress up game. First of all, wearing heels can make you look slimmer and taller. In addition they lift your butt and give your outfit a sexy edge. Heels are in fact quite versatile, and can be matched with almost anything. 
Get inspired by wearing heels again with the following tips! It is not necessary to spare them only for special occasions.

Five Great Tips for Heels Lovers

Don't be shy. Stylish shoes give your look a special magic touch. Bear in mind though that your feet might get tired in the beginning. It is a good idea to always carry a pair of flats with you, in case you have to walk a longer distance, or if your feet start hurting.
1. Colourful Pumps Are a Stylish Eye-Catcher
Do you have a pair of unused pumps in your wardrobe? Perhaps you did not wear them because they "do not go with anything." Not to worry. The bolder and more colorful, the better! You are going to wear them, girl.
Pair bold shoes with an otherwise low-key outfit. A simple blazer, a shirt, and tight jeans pair extremely well with colorful heels. This is true also for monochrome outfits and suits. A simple, minimalist outfit gives way to the shoes to shine. 

2. An All-Black Outfit Makes You Look Taller and Slimmer

Wear all black to look slim, tall, and powerful. Chic and stylish, you are going to look like million dollars. An assertive look may even intensify your words and make you appear stronger.

Look at the following outfits. How would they look if the shoes were wrong? Would you take those women seriously if they were wearing sneakers or even ballerinas?

3. Ankle Boots Are A Thing
Ankle boots are super versatile, as long as you make a little effort in how you combine them with your clothes. Choose a thick heel for a bit of extra comfort. 
Ankle boots go well with many types of skirts, dresses, tight trousers, and even leggings. You can even wear many types of loose-fitting trousers with them. Super easy, stylish, and perky!

4. Heels Fit Even Boyfriend Jeans!

It may sound ridiculous at first. But this look is a killer. Roll the jeans up to reveal your ankles. If your ankles are not showing, the outfit will look distasteful. 
Pair with a casual shirt or a knit. The look is relaxed and posh at the same time. What a perfect date outfit!

5. High Heels Look Good Even with a Simple T-Shirt

You do not always need a uniform. A laid-back Friday look can easily be achieved by wearing a band tee, tight jeans, and a pair of pumps. The below looks work with sneakers as well, but wearing heals gives them a little hint of luxury. Add a few pieces of simple jewelry and a messenger bag. So effortless, so easy-going.

Do you have a tip to share with the readers? Go ahead and comment, I would love to hear from you.

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