Society 6: The Perfect Opportunity for Artists and Art Lovers

Today, I am proud. I always thought that my art was weird, naive, and childish, and that I should look elsewhere for income. But here we are. In secrecy, I have been working on my Society6 Shop. Yesterday I launched it, and it feels great. In this blog post I will talk a little bit about how to become a Society6 artist, as well as cover what's in the site for an art lover, or anyone who just wants to stand out from the masses and find unique products to wear or to decorate their home with.

(I am not being paid by Society6 in any way to write this post. I chose to promote first of all the delightful opportunity that they offer to artists, and secondly my own little art shop.)

Backpacks in my own designs! How exciting is this!
(From up and left: Paradise Flowers / Kyoto at Night / Misty Mountains Pink Edition / I Can See Your Halo / New York 1980 / One Day, Claude Monet.)

Society6 for Artists

Society6 is a Print on Demand website. It means that you as an artist can upload your designs on the products that Society6 offers, and you do not have to worry about producing the items or shipping them. The overall product quality is very high, and the materials are durable. For quality reasons as well, Society6 requires that you upload your prints and artwork in high resolution and image size, in order to ensure that the finished product will look outstanding. 

As a fresh shop owner I am very pleased with how intuitive the product design tool is. You might want to consider using different image files for different products - For example a full painting for a poster, or just a detail of your artwork for a wall clock or an iPhone skin. 

What about Royalties?

You define the royalty of your art prints. For the rest, your cut is 10%. It is not a lot, and you will not get rich fast, but then again there are no risks involved for you at all.

I heard about POD websites just a few months ago. (Yeah, tell me about it, how is that even possible?). And of course I immediately went to search for them online, and read a lot of reviews, and familiarized myself with the topic as much as I could. The low commission for artists seems to be a common complaint, which I partly agree with, and partly do not. I mean, you do not have to have any physical stock of anything, and you can conveniently work from home to set up your store. It has been made very easy for you. You will have to do a lot of promoting to get any income from POD sites, but you can never get around that part anyways. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except a bit of time. 

But as I am a newbie on this field, let's see how my opinion changes over time. I am currently planning an advertising campaign, and will probably come back here later to tell you how it went. If you want to know more about becoming an artist yourself, read this FAQ. 

Society6 for Art and Style Lovers

So let's get back to the topic of this blog, which is unique and brave style. I picked a few designs (not mine), that I fell in love with, and that suit someone who wants to dress up their own way, who cares what they say.

These VHS leggings are just the neatest thing.

Or get your groove on with this tee by Picomodi.

What I actually got for myself from Society 6? I fell in love with the Bristol based artist Matt Miller's prints. They're pretty dope.

I will probably write more about this topic in the near future, to document a bit my Society6 journey and to tell you about cool stuff that I find there. 


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