How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe: Style Icons Who Are Different

Earlier this summer I wrote a few posts about classy style and elegant capsule wardrobes. But there are so many absolutely fabulous, stylish women who are different. We need to recognize them, too.

Steve Jobs wore the same shirt and jeans every day of his life, in order to reduce decision fatigue. A great tactic, if you just are not into style, and do not get any satisfaction out of fashion and dressing up.

But unfortunately I - who obviously am not as successful as Mr. Jobs was - am not able to stick to just one outfit all the time. One of the most enjoyable things about dressing up is that you can recreate yourself every day, like a chameleon. Now when I was younger I dressed solely in black for a few years. That’s at least 730 days straight. Woah. I don’t need to repeat that. What works for Steve Jobs does not have to work for everyone. 

Fabulous Style Icons Who Are Different

Some people are just admirably themselves, seemingly so comfortable in their skins. One of my absolute favourites is Lyn Slater, Accidental Icon, who is an embodiment of classy with an edge. I love how expressive and chic she is. Based on her blog posts she also seems quite down to earth, and gives great outfit advise, such as pairing a tulle skirt with a T-shirt or a men's shirt.

Much like Lyn Slater, Claire Boucher aka Grimes walks her own path. Her music videos are visually rich in colour and symbolism, and explore fantasy worlds and themes in a delightful way. She can pull off wearing just about anything. 

The Way We Dress, Post Apocalypse.

Björk is another bold style icon that I have been following for quite some years already. This Icelandic Queen of Weird talks about faeries and explores her own sensuality and animal instinct in a vigorous, unapologetic manner. You can never guess what she's up to next.

And of course this list would not be complete with one of the most controversial pop icons of our time, Lady Gaga. Following in the footsteps of Madonna, Lady Gaga touches femininity in a unique way, exploring the borders of gender and beauty. And even though she overkilled it a few times (Remember the meat dress?) she certainly has been one of the most refreshing sights on the red carpet of late.

 The Harlequin Returns.

How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe and Get Inspired About Dressing Up

It is very easy to forget about dressing up in daily life. One easily gets comfy, and slips into wearing neutral clothes, day after day. There is nothing wrong with effortless, classy style, of course. But sometimes we want to look different and unique: To express ourselves through what we wear. Be it for a date or for a presentation, you sometimes want to stand out from the crowd. You can start experimenting your individual style with the following tips.

1. Get Inspired By Haute Couture

The lovely thing about haute couture is that it provokes your imagination, and expands the boundaries of what clothing can mean. Browse through a high fashion magazine or look up fashion shows online. Pick up some elements that are interesting to you, and try to incorporate them into your outfit in a subtle way. Pay attention to colour as well: Could you actually wear an accessory in that hot pink? Why not? Who said that stylish has to equal boring?

This fall I got crazy about Valentino's haute couture collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli. You can easily find many seasonal collections online, and browse fashion shows on brand websites.

It's fab. It's weird. It's wonderful.

2. Don't Forget To Accessorize

It is all in the details. Wearing the classiest black suit can look ultra modern with a fashionable clutch or a pair of neon pumps. Let yourself play with colours and fall in love with weird fabrics. 

 Just Like a Perfume Bottle. This lovely little clutch is a great addition to your chic outfit. And the price is surprisingly affordable.

3. Get Inspired by Other Things Than Fashion

Draw inspiration from the outside world: Countries that you want to visit, illustrations, folk art, and dreams. To spice things up, let your child or husband pick your outfit for the day. Also browse styles that you never considered were you. Is there anything interesting about punk, for example? Or where you always a tomboy? How about trying on a dress? Dressing up as if you were going to the opera?

Some bold ideas include:
  • Wearing a big hat
  • Wearing suspenders or a tie with a skirt
  • Mixing and matching materials: Knits with silk, leather with ruffles, tulle with T-shirts
  • Getting a modern hair cut - Perhaps shorter than you'd dare!
  • Bright shoes with a classy outfit
  • Investing in a cool scarf
  • Wearing big statement belts and jewelry

Statement Jewelry and Accessories Are a Great Way to Get Bold About Your Unique Style!

Go on a statement accessory hunt either in town or online. Get something you never would have imagined to buy. Below are a few ideas.

Luxury Silk Scarves by Cheng Yi Leather.

Fabulous Statement Earrings by JERPVTE Boho Bijoux. 

What is your favourite accessory or bold style tip? Comment below, I would love to hear from you. 


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