How to Look Upscale With Less Money

How can you look expensive with just a little bit of money? And how can you save money in the long run, by investing in better quality?

It is actually pretty simple to create a style that looks upscale, even when the money is scarce. First, take a look at your favourite wealthy and chic celebrities. Can you copy that? What are they wearing? What kind of colours and materials do their outfits consist of? Look at the accessories and the shoes, the hem lengths, and the make-up. How can you replicate the look without spending thousands of dollars on it? You can find some tips hereunder.

Photo credit: Concha Rodrigo

1. Buy Less in Better Quality

They have a saying in my home country. "A poor person cannot afford to buy cheap stuff." And this is true. It is better to buy one good cashmere sweater that will last you ten years than keep buying new ones every few months. In the long run, you lose money buying poor quality. Can you build a capsule wardrobe, perhaps? What would its key items be? Start with investing in them.

2. Invest in a Pair of Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings will never go out of style, are super classy, and suit everyone. If you cannot afford real pearls, get a pair of quality freshwater pearls with just a fraction of the cost. If you opt for freshwater pearls, make sure to get a pair in A-AAA quality. Anything from D to B will just look artificial and cheap.

3. Choose Subtle Colours and Classy Cuts

Forget about neon pink or dirty army prints. Opt for black, white, off-white, gray, and navy blue. Feeling a little bit sexier? A luxurious dress will never go out of style.  Stylish does not have to equal boring! Just remember to pick a fine cut when going for a bolder colour.

5. Shop Second Hand

Shopping second hand is fun! If you are lucky, you can find exceptional quality quite affordably. Check out your local second hand stores and maybe visit a few flea markets as well.

Do not compromise on the size and colours, even when buying second hand. If you are size M, the otherwise perfect Max Mara dress in size S will not make a good impression. And most likely you will end up not wearing it. The most expensive clothes are the ones that you never wear!

6. Take Good Care of Your Skin and Keep Your Make-Up Natural

A good skin routine does not need to be expensive. You can do most things at home and with very basic ingredients. If you are into natural cosmetics, you can even make efficient and gentle skin products at home. 

More important than the price tag is to choose products that are suitable for your skin type, and to apply them regularly. Sleeping enough and drinking a lot of water will also help you to keep your skin fresh and peachy.

7. Choose One Size Up

The French know how it works. Never try to squeeze yourself into a garment that is too tight. You will look ridiculous. You are not a sausage. Rather choose a loose-fitting outfit, which is tight only in the right places. 

Another thing that just looks tacky and graceless are the straps of your too-tight bra shining through your T-shirt, dividing the skin into wobbly bits of dough. Buy a bra that is your size, not the size you were when you were seventeen.

8. Forget About Fake Tan, Eyelash Extensions, and Botox

Really. You do not want to look like Donald Trump, do you? Now there is a rich man who is a perfect example of how money cannot buy you any sense of style. It is not about money. It is about subtle elegance.

9. Never Buy Fake Products

A replica bag most often looks like a replica. And even if it doesn't - Do you really want to appear as something you are not? If you do not have the means to buy a pair of Louboutins or a Gucci bag, why fake it? Looking expensive or classy is not about brands. A fake D&G T-shirt looks tacky and so will you, wearing it. Besides, no one will take you seriously if you pair your fake bag with H&M jeans. Invest in a leather bag or save up some money every month, to eventually get the real deal.


  1. Good advice! One more thing: all those low fitted jeans that chubby women and girls wear - they should be banned...


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